Colicky Baby Brain Chemistry

It is known for colicky babies to cry excessively and almost nonstop. This can be caused by many different factors including allergies, gastroesophageal efflux disease, or migraines. There is evidence that some babies’ brains just work a bit differently as newborns. The sleeping problems can also be due to being prone to negative emotions or the lack of hormonal rhythms.

The cause of colic can be due to the babies not producing enough melatonin at night which in turn can cause them not to sleep well at night. Some methods for baby sleeping can also be difficult with colicky babies. Dream feeding is one method that can be difficult for them as colicky babies do not like movement and this can interrupt their sleep and wake them up with dream feeding.

Not receiving enough melatonin could worsen their moods and make them more intolerant of discomfort.

Research from the last couple of years has shown that colicky babies have a different mix of bacteria in their large intestines which causes them to be more sensitive to pain.

Research has also proven that the imbalance of gut flora may also activate nerve receptors in their intestines which in turn also gives them more abdominal pain. If this is the cause for your baby to be cranky or sleepless, then it is possible to consider the physician-supervised medication of probiotic bacteria.

Probiotic Bacteria has had mixed results in research as with some colicky babies it worked extremely well, and with some, it made only a little difference. There are still more studies necessary to understand why probiotics don’t always work.

With probiotics not being safe for all babies, especially babies with impaired immune systems, you should always talk to your baby doctor first before considering the treatment.

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