Read any of these blogs for the latest insights and discoveries on Chemistry, many discussions are available to take part in and learn more about the workings of chemistry in our daily lives.

Here we have a look at some of the best blogs that provide a focus on Chemistry and Chemistry exhibitions and conferences.

Crystals and Catalysts –

Crystals and Catalysts were started by Mariam Zaki who has a degree in Medicinal Chemistry. This blog is one of the most modern chemistry blogs online and it will attract students and younger professionals with an interest in the chemistry community. Each post on this blog gets translated into Arabic to help spread the knowledge to a more diverse audience.

Topics include science, communication, policy, government, and how chemistry affects us daily.

Dr. Galactic & The Lab Coat Cowboy –

This blog covers many random and different topics in the chemistry community. It’s a fun blog and the editor at the Royal Society of Chemistry. You can find many events and challenges on social media and win prizes for your collaboration on major chemistry journals.

Compound Interest Chemistry Blog –

This blog was started by Andy Brunning in 2013 and has over 300 thousand Facebook followers. Andy is a chemistry educator in Cambridge and has been explaining the chemistry of problems we face in the real world.

Many readers and individuals in the Chemistry community trust the accuracy of the graphic style used with the infographics and visual aids.

ChemJobber –

ChemJobber is a blog that helps chemists find jobs and also provides helpful blog posts and the latest news from the chemistry field. The blog is not only about job postings but also about the job market.

Read any of these blogs for information on Chemistry.

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