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Building knowledge around Chemistry is much more important than most individuals think. Chemistry is a part of our daily lives, everything we touch, feel or smell has to do with chemistry.

As a magazine about Chemistry Exhibitions and conferences, we guide readers onto where they can learn more about chemistry. Many exhibitions and conferences are held all over Canada and are a must for individuals who would love to take part in the Chemistry community and learn more about this important subject.

We cover articles on the most important exhibitions and conferences and the issues that will be covered, who the speakers are, and many other programs that are available to take part in. Chemistry programs can help us to learn even further into the world of chemistry and how it works in our daily lives.

Knowledgeable speakers on chemistry are found all over Canada. Many speakers are professors at universities who have many insights and information on the workings of Chemistry and why it is important.

If you know chemistry, chemistry exhibitions, and conferences, you can send exemplary work on our contact page.

We are always looking for more writers to join our team in expanding information related to chemistry and its events. If you would like to write for us, you will also need to have skills in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and be able to write informative articles about our topics.

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